thought of the week


A few weeks back, I decided to start running again. This afforded me with all of the excuses that I could ever need to justify complaining, so I thought I would go with it. "I'm too sore babe, I can't lift the baby"... " I have to run today, so no, I don't want to go to Khols"... etc... However, After my first long run, my complaints became frighteningly real. I felt a pain in my side and chest. I did see a doc, and we ruled out the scary things, but this scare still shaped my perspective. I decided to not wait for the next pain or other event. I have committed myself to running twice a week, come hell or high water..... Why am I writing this you may ask? Well, because its cold outside and I am tempted to skip the run due today. I needed to remember how I felt when I thought my heart was too far gone....because it could be one day.